Node-red crash-Unable to open

when I'm trying to open my node red with command prompt im getting messages like "28 Sep 19:38:02 - [error] [postgrestor:83fb247497bf5955] Error: timeout exceeded when trying to connect",
Please help me fix this, because I'm already working on a flow and I don't want to lose that.

You shouldn't lose the flow, but no doubt you have it backed up anyway. You should be backing up the .node-red folder except for the node_modules folder (which is large).

Which node are you using? There are a number of postgres nodes. Probably node-red-contrib-something.
Do you mean node-red completely crashes and you can't get into the editor? If so then that is a bug in the node, nothing you do should crash node-red.
If it is crashing then start node-red using the command
node-red --safe
which will start the editor but not the flows, so you can edit the config or remove that node. The flows will start when you deploy. If you remove the node you may also need to remove a configuration node associated with it. To check that go the menu option Configuration Nodes, click Unused and you can select and delete it there.

Thanks for your reply,
I'm even unable to open my node-red, I 'm attaching a screenshot of how it appears when I type 'node-red' on command prompt.

Please look in to it.

Yes , I tried with 'node-red--safe', it opened, and its working.

I've a doubt more, Can you please help me with that?
I'm new to Node-red and I'm trying to insert some dynamic data from mqtt to my pgadmin database [ Name of database = test, Name of table = demo]
I'm getting the output as in the picture, but its not getting inserted to my table. Where am I going wrong?
This is my flow and output

Template node is:

Function node:

Postgrestor node:

Please start a new thread with an appropriate title so that hopefully someone who knows about the subject.
However, if you want to post function node contents and template code please copy/paste rather than screenshot. See this post for how to post flows and code - How to share code or flow json

OK, Will do that. Anyways thankyou for helping out.

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