Node Red crashes while deploying node-red-contrib-lyteworx-cluster

I tried to evaluate the node red module for clustering named node-red-contrib-lyteworx-cluster using my Node Red framework 2.0.0 running on nodejs 16.0.0.I came across the following issue.Is this issue in anyway related to node red or is it an issue specific to the libary?Any thoughts on this would be helpful.
Please find below the issue link posted on github
[Node Red crashes while deploying with clustering mode · Issue #1 · Lyteworx/node-red-contrib-lyteworx-cluster · GitHub]


No idea, but a quick tip.

Do not post images of text error messages, they are very hard to read and impossible for others to search for if they hit similar problems (and also make it impossible for people that need to use screen readers). I suggest you edit the issue to remove the image of the error message and to post the actual text and use markdown formatting to keep the structure. (3 backticks on a new line before and after the error text)

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