Node-red crashes


I just created a bad flow in my node red-project. Now the node-red refuses to start with the following message:

29 Mar 20:03:38 - [info] Started flows
29 Mar 20:03:42 - [red] Uncaught Exception:
29 Mar 20:03:42 - TypeError: "list" argument must be an Array of Buffers
at Function.Buffer.concat (buffer.js:314:13)
at completeSend (/usr/lib/node_modules/node-red/nodes/core/logic/17-split.js:469:40)
at Timeout. (/usr/lib/node_modules/node-red/nodes/core/logic/17-split.js:630:29)
at ontimeout (timers.js:386:11)
at tryOnTimeout (timers.js:250:5)
at Timer.listOnTimeout (timers.js:214:5)

Any good idea on how to fix this issue?


Hi @olab

What version of node-red are you using?

If you are on the latest 0.20 release, you can start Node-RED with the --safe command line parameter - this will load your flows but not start them running. You'll then be able to edit them to fix-up the problem.

If you are on 0.19 or earlier, you'll probably have to hand edit your flow file (NR logs the full path to the file on startup to help you find it), look for any Join nodes and either remove them, or temporarily change their ID to break the wires coming into them and stop the flow.

That said, this is an uncaught exception in a core Join node - which really needs to be fixed. Could you raise an issue with as much detail as you can? We'd need to know what your flow is doing with any Join nodes you have - how are they configured? What messages are you passing them etc etc.

Thank you!

I didn't have the latest release but did an upgrade of node-red and js. Then I was able to start node-red in safe mode and modify my faulty program.


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Which is what they did over 3 months ago...