Node-red crypto trading bot hosting

I have developed a node-red crypto trading project which is currently hosted on a desktop in my basement on a fixed IP address. It's not the most reliable setup so I guess the time has come to move to the cloud...

What is the easiest to implement and most secure solution for a cloud-hosted option with a fixed IP address? The fixed IP is for crypto exchange white-listing. I am not familiar with setting up cloud environments so whatever comes to mind for the village cloud idiot.

Any security suggestions for a crypto bot running in the cloud?

My friendly recommendation would be - DO NOT DO THAT.

Setting up any Internet facing site is hard enough to get right. Doing it for a crypto trading site is going to make it more of a target. Doing it with no knowledge or skills in IT Security is really asking for trouble.

Just my thoughts though. But I'm afraid that I am not prepared to help, sorry. Too much to go wrong.

Oh, and I would like to suggest that if you ignore this, you need to be on a secure hosting forum not on the Node-RED forum since Node-RED security will be the least of your worries.

Good luck.

Haha well that is helpful input. Thanks for the reply. I think I'll hold off on anything with a public face.

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