Node-Red-Dashboard SWITCH Hhaptic feedback and more

In my custom buttons on the blog I've made some nice custom buttons using tmplates - graphic and otherise, but I'm finding the SWITCH node in Dashboard very useful or space saving - the only problem as far as I can see, there is no haptic feedback on android mobiles. I've used double sized FA icons so they look good - but my buttons have navigator vibrate in them i.e. haptic feedback. Am I missing something? It would be really nice not to have to reinvent the switch just to get that : - )

Also has anyone thought of a 3 option switch i.e. on, off or auto (where auto is controlled by a timer which also infoms the switch.In my buttons I have light gren and dark green for auto on and off - and other dark and light colours for manual on and off - all very nice but that means using up lots of room, one switch would be nicer.