Node-Red Dashboard Theme Library folder location?

Hi there,
does anyone know where the theme library folder is stored on disk?
I would like to include my custom dashboard theme into a docker container preselect-able.

cloud not find it using cd ... ls -l.... over and over again in several locations..

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


it will be under ~/.node-red/lib/themes


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Hi Nick,
Thanks for Your help :slight_smile:

since I Use Node-Red on a Docker Container, I just found it under the /data folder.
I was expecting it under /.node-red/lib/themes, as you wrote

have a Good afternoon
and thanks again :slight_smile:

Yup - the complete answer should have been the location is <node-red-user-directory>/lib/themes - and for most users, <node-red-user-directory> is ~/.node-red, but the docker container uses /data.

Yah, I'm working my self into Docker right now, and volumes was not on my list jet, but is now :slight_smile: That would have saved an Hour of stupid searching :slight_smile: