Node-RED docker with persistent themes


I've just moved from Home Assistant OS to a dockerized installation. Just finishing the configs now.
I'm wondering is there a way to make installed themes persistent?
Now after executing "docker-compose up" and using "npm i @node-red-contrib-themes/dark" to install the theme I need to do a "docker restart nodered" and it works. But after doing "docker-compose down" and then "docker-compose up -d" I need to install the theme again.
How can I make it so I won't have to reinstall the theme after each docker-compose up/down cycle ?


Ok. I've managed to make it work.

For anyone looking for an answear:
locate the dir where you have your "/config" persistent volume mounted,
and go into node_modules folder
then create a folder named: "@node-red-contrib-themes"
after that go into that created folder
now you need to either download the theme files or locate a theme repo and clone it here
like that: "git clone GitHub - node-red-contrib-themes/dark: A dark theme for Node-RED"
now just change the theme in settings.js

That's it.


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