Node-RED (Debian )

I have installed node-red on a remote Server (Debian OS).
I am using the power Shell terminal to Access this remote operating System.
I am getting an error that port is in use already. I have checked the port. So on port 1880 node-red is running.

But i dont know how can i start the node red flow (visual) form power Shell terminal. I dont have (Desktop or Browser) of this Debian .

Are you sure that node-RED isn't already running, and you are trying to start it a second time.

Node-red should not be on port 1883, that is usually MQTT. Node red default port is 1880.

node-red is already running but how can i see the visual ? I dont have Desktop or any browser. I have only terminal. Thanks

sorry it was a writting mistake. Node-red running on 1880

Access it using a browser on your other machine

I tried but no way.

Ok, using powershell, can you stop node-RED, and then start node-RED again, the startup routine should then start logging in the console.
Copy the log, and paste it here so we can see what's going on.

Also, is your remote instance blocking port 1880? Many cloud instances require you to make changes to the firewall & open the port.

Also, exactly what did you do and exactly what happened?

And what settings have you used? Have you changed the default httpAdminRoot setting?

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