Node-red-debugger install broken?

Hi I recently upgraded an old pre version 2 install of NR on a PI4 and also coincidentally built a brand new NR install on Synology. One of the main reasons I upgraded my old NR install was to use the new flow debugger.

  1. Both installs exhibit the same behavior; as already pointed out by Steve Cope in his YouTube video back in Oct 2021? Whereby the node does not show installed by the pallet manager? If you try to install a second time NR errors 'Node already installed'

  2. The drop down 'flow debugger' shown in Steve's video and detailed in the github instructions does not appear in the sidebar?

UPDATE: I rebooted the Synology Docker instance and now the 'flow debugger' option appears and works! But as shown in the image below the pallet still reports that the node is not installed? The Pi4 still does not show 'flow debugger' vene after two Pi reboots?

Both NR installs are v2.2.2. Node version is 12.22.10

Any ideas? - thanks C.

A comment in a YouTube video (which you haven't provided a link to) doesn't mean we know about any issue.

That is a known issue. As the debugger module doesn't provide any nodes, the palette manager doesn't 'see' it properly.

@knolleary Thanks for the reply, sorry I did not include a link to the video, but essentially Steve Cope's observation was the same as mine, which you have gone on to explain the reason why there is ambiguity with the NR palette reporting and is known issue.

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