Updated NR and have a *funny* error

I just updated a couple of my RPIs to the latest NR.

Via the command

cd .node-red
bash <(curl -sL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/node-red/raspbian-deb-package/master/resources/update-nodejs-and-nodered)

All good. Kinda.

After the update, I started NR.

`Flows stopped due to missing node types.



Again: Ok. I look.

Ok, not much for me to understand. The node is installed. Yes, there is a red triangle.
But more information doesn't seem to be forthcoming.

Well that node hasn't been updated in 3 years so there may be a conflict/ What version of node.js do you now have?

You could uninstall the node and then see if you can reinstall it (my guess is it won't reinstall)

I'd say raise an issue with the node's author, but like I said, it hasn't been updated in 3 years.

see https://github.com/thingtrack/node-red-contrib-inotify/issues/3

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Nothing to do with your problem but you do not have to issue the above command before you run the script!

Thanks @ghayne, it is an artefact from old days.

I have the commands as either scripts on the machines or as text files on the main machine and I just copy/paste the command/s as I need them.

Andrew, that is also not a good idea as the scripts can change!

Again: Thanks. I maybe should keep a better track of things.

It isn't I am trying to make things worse but as I have a horrible memory, I need to keep things "written down" - well you know what I mean - so I am not relying on my bad memory.

Some times I am working off line and can't just "google the answer".

I'm open to a better way. But in saying that, I would like to understand the mechanics of it as well. Not just "this is how you do it".

Back to the "problem".

Ok, the node is/was used to monitor changes in the specified directory.
Not too complicated.

I am trying to search the library but I think the search is more for node names and not their functions.

(That's something I liked with the older library. I could load pages and pages of nodes and scroll through them looking for what I want. The new version doesn't allow that.)

Just if anyone knows of a node which does that, or could poke me in the right direction on how to make a node to do that.

The functionality is the same now, you just have to load additional pages by clicking on the "Next" box at the bottom of the page.

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The next thing to look at is the node-red log when it starts up as it will contain details of the actual error that is stopping the contrib-inotify node from loading. From the screenshot you can see the error says [object Object] - the fact it says that rather than an actual error message is a bug we fixed in more recent versions of Node-RED.

(Yeah, oops.)

As it was causing problems I deleted it from the flow and un-installed it.

I shall go back and install it on another machine (more often used) and go through the process as soon as I can.



Tried to install it. Failed. So I guess it is too deprecated to work.

I found wfwatch and it seems to work ok.

Shall use that.