Flows stopped due to... ui_base

Hello everyone, i have this error from nr and i can't get it to work, what does it means and how can i solve it?

Flows stopped due to missing node types.

  • ui_base

i've tryed this but when i reintall nr it keeps showing me everything. What could it be?

Hi @Andres

it usually means you have installed a module such as node-red-contrib-ui that clashes with node-red-dashboard.

Have you installed any other dashboard-related modules recently? Check the node-red log on startup for any errors related to conflicting modules.

The fix will be to uninstall that module causing the conflict.

i understand, but i didn't install anything, just messed with the users of my pc. i'll check for any of those!

In which case, you might not have node-red-dashboard installed at all. That would be something to check.

What level of node.js are you using ?

@knolleary i have it, although i didn't use it on my implementation, at least i used to.

@dceejay i have v6.17.1, i'm ussing an older version of nr v0.20.6

Latest dashboard requires node.js v8 or more recent LTS.... As both 6 and 8 are no longer receiving security fixes I would recommend 10 or 12.