Node-Red Email and GMail Folders


I know GMail does not really support the concept of folders - but using IMAP tags and labels it appears that they are folders to IMAP clients.

Does anyone know (or has tried) to poll a single IMAP folder on Gmail (rather than the Inbox) to retrieve messages ? My node seems to be working but nothing is being retrieved. I have created an app password and when i point it to the Inbox (which is the default) it works fine to retrieve emails


Make sure your label/folder in gmail is not a subfolder. I had an issue with that. Try making a new label/folder in gmail and put some emails into it and test it again. Also, try setting "Disposition" to "None" and "Criteria" to "All" to make sure that's not getting in the way.

Yep tried that - but will start the whole process again from scratch


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