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How can we access SENT, TRASH or SPAM folder please?

It works fine with inbox and some other folder but not those ones...

If this is from Gmail then there are some other folders - on my account they are under [Google Mail] - and include - 'All Mail', Bin, Drafts, Important, 'Sent Mail', and Starred - but not Spam... so to get Sent use [Google Mail]/Sent Mail

While searching I have also seen references to [Gmail]/Sent Mail so it may depend how/when you signed up for your account.... I have also seen reference that these may also be translated to national language equivalents - so you may need to try a few.

I have just added to the error message when a folder fetch fails to return a list of valid folders to help make this easier. pushed as version 1.7.11

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Thanks for your help. A fact is that some of the emails are caught by the spam filter more frequenty than it should so that option would be important for me... I will investigate some other way to archive what I'm looking for but again, thank you for your help.

no problem - do let us know if you find a way.

Found it!

The folder is case sensitive so I give it a try with the options that you mentioned...

So for SPAM folder (in my case) , [Gmail]/Spam

I'm not sure also if enabling the spam folder in IMAP (gmail options) helped...
Thank you for your help.

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