Node Red Email Delimiter for replys


Using a mustache template for HTML and PlainText I'm sending an email using the built in email.

All working fine; I want to add a reply to delimiter so when someone replies they only add new contents and not edit in line.

I added this just after the body tag but it shows up in the email and ruins the look.
I removed all the contents of the template it would be too much.

<!DOCTYPE html>
###- Please type your reply above this line -###


not sure quite what you are trying to do - but did you try \n for delimiter in plain text ?

I ended up adding it in the body and hid it with css. It show when some one replies to the email

I phrase the email until I reach the delimiter

.abtl {
  position: absolute;
  top: -30px;
<div class="abtl">###- Please type your reply above this line -###</div>

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