Node-Red Failure

Hey there,
I have a Problem with starting Node Red on my Raspberry Pi and i dont know what to do...
I hope someone of you can help me with that Problem.

Welcome to the forums @freddy9910

The node you have installed, is trying to open up port 22 (reserved for SSH)
and this port SHOULD NOT be used for anything else (IMO).

I would question the reasoning in this port being used by the developer

Your OS is doing a good thing, protecting your system - its not to say its foul play, but that's a very odd (and unsafe) port to be using for a HTTP based system (that Apples HAP protocol uses)

+ The node has not been updated in 5+ years

as a shamless plug, I would

You can start Node RED in safe mode --safe, so you can remove any nodes, that are causing the issue

and toward IP address which is really strange.

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also that node: @boneskull/node-red-contrib-homekit hasn't been updated in over 6 years and since the author doesn't seem to allow issues to be opened, I would trash the plugin and find another way to solve your issue.

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Thank you so much! I have deleted the Homekit-Node and now everything is running normaly.

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