Node-red-ffmpeg - Simple file convertion example

Hi @kevinGodell , and everyone,

I'm looking for a simple file conversion example with the node-red-ffmpeg.
Something like "ffmpeg -i input.mp4 output.avi" well simpliest way to do that with the ffmpeg node.

Can anyone provide me an example ?

Thanks a lot.

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The simplest way would be very similar to what you have written, since ffmpeg will read the file extensions of the input and output and automatically determine the file types and appropriate codecs that you are working with.

The following example shows 2 ways of passing the parameters to your ffmpeg executable. One way is setting the args directly in node-red-ffmpeg and the other way is injecting them in case you need to be more dynamic on how your are naming the files. Be warned, I ran some tests converting mp4 to avi and it seems that the conversion process needs to also re-encode the internal video causing a high cpu load and long conversion time. A 5 second mp4 took 10 seconds to make. Perhaps your system is more powerful and the conversion will be faster.


That's exactly what I'm looking for...
Thanks a lot.

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