Node-RED Flows Scorecard do not Update


I also stumbled over this very old issue with the Scorecard. See issue 68917.

Due to a typo my first upload had that issue too. I'd fixed it several weeks ago, but the Node-RED Scorecard still sticks to the very old, first upload.

I wonder, if there's some progress on this. At the moment the Scorecard is not reliable.

No news to share on the specific issue.

Can you link to your module so we can see what it's reporting?

Of course: node-red-domino-proton (node) - Node-RED.

As mentioned, it still refers to the first content, also in regards to the listed examples. Looks like the validator check is not performed in case of updates, or its result get not updated in the database.

Same thing here, my first upload didn't have a "bugs" url in package.json (and a few other things missing too). They have since been added, but the scorecard does not update to reflect that.

package.json available here.

Just to add weight on the scorecard not updating issue

I added a license after the initial release, but the scorecard is not updating.