Node-RED frequent crashing - "Connection Lost X"

Dear all,

I have been experiencing frequent Node-RED crashings in Industrial Panel PCs (Windows 10 64bit based) that we use to automate different systems. Since Node-RED should be running in the background always, I have added it to the Task Scheduler (Windows accessory) to autorun even the PC restarts. I'm using node-red dashboard for the application.

In the same time I'm using multiple node-red-contrib-s7 nodes to communicate with Siemens PLC S7-1500 that we use to automate industrial applications. I mentioned about the node specially because that node also still has some bugs.

So anyway sometimes node-red showing Connection Lost in the dashboard and when I go to the task scheduler, I can see that node red isn't running. Basically the service stops. Then I can manually restart the node-red but even sometimes its not even restarting. This keeps happening since few weeks back, even upgrading firmware did not help so far.

I guess this can happen due to the miss configuration of node-red-contrib-s7. But I have no clear idea what's going on.

Any suggestion would be really appreciated. If you want more details I can provide.


Start by checking the node red log to see what is going wrong.

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It's hard to say what is causing the "crash", could you please post here your complete flow plus the node-red version, nodes versions, and node-red logs, so that we can help you.
We have more than 150 machines running exactly the same setup (NodeRED + S7 node) 24/7 and never heard about frequent crashes.


oh okay. I will share record logs and all the information you asked.

Thanks for the reply.

Quick update about the crash. It happened due to having multiple IP configurations inside S7 node. I used not to delete old configurations, therefore It keeps crashing node red. When I remove all unwanted configurations that problem solved.


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Great that you fixed the problem and also posted the solution here. Thanks!
I see this multiple configuration nodes issue happening very often with people that are just starting with node-red.

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