Node-RED google home integration - user already connected error

This post is related to Node-RED google home integration, but can't post there again because apparently new users can't make more than 3 posts??? So I'm posting it here. Please forgive my noobyness.

All my Nora devices have disconnected. In the debug panel I'm getting a message saying "nora (I1_ig): socket connection error: user already connected". So I went and logged into the token page. It gave me a new token. I updated it in the config screen, but hasn't fixed the problem. When I look at my google devices I see some old devices that I created previously and subsequently removed. Obviously the new devices haven't updated.
Please help.
BTW made a small donation for your effort.

Update Post Edit.
I found my problem. I had another instance of node-red running on another PI.

thanks and sorry for wasting anyones time.