Node red google home integration

Hi ,

I 'm using nora for the google home integration for the flows in node red . Every time I deploy any new flow , I keep getting this message .

Anyone know how we can get more details on this .

msg : string[49]
"nora (9qOHU): disconnected (io client disconnect)"


Hi I suspect the (Google) node you are using uses an external service called Nora.

2ndly, I suspect you are doing full deploy.

Full deploy stops all nodes and flows - hence my 1st suspicion.

If you were just curious- problem solved.

If you were already aware of the Nora thing but are trying to prevent it disconnecting - don't so a full deploy.

Great, thanks for the response .

Yes, I was doing a full deploy . I changed the setting to only modified now and the message doesn't appear .

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