Node Red / HA / WLED groups.yaml call service entity id

Hi All,

I've been using Node Red in HA to control a bunch of WLED installs.

It's been working a treat for months.

I use HA groups.yaml to specify a long list of entities to use in a "call service" node.

After a recent update it seems that is not available in the "Entity Id" field anymore.

I can enter all the entities manually but cannot use the "group" is not found in the entities id drop down.

[You have 10.3.1 installed. Click update to update to version 11.0.3]
Problem starts when I update

I've been playing with it and looking for what changed all day.

Any help would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Sorry, but not many folk around here use HA - so you may be better asking technical HA questions over on the HA forum.

Not getting any answers there either.

But since the latest HA works with Node Red v10 and not with v11 I'm guessing it's something that changed in Node Red V11.

But thanks.

Node-RED latest version is 2.2.2.... V11 is an HA thing where they wrap Node-RED into a container... I've no idea what they have inside.

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