Node red + InfluxDB question

I have a project that uses NR + influxDB. I have grafana displaying my data, but the chart is embedded into an NR page. I'm trying to avoid using grafana dashboard. I'm just embedding the charts. from NR, how do I download the data?

Let's say I'm storing a lot of data, where does this data go? Is it written into a CSV file that just gets bigger and bigger until my Pi runs out of room?

Do you mean that you don't want to use the grafana charts? Or perhaps that you want to use the grafana charts, but without the grafana menus etc.

I'm using the grafana charts, but embedding them into NR dash.
Does NR have a way to download influxDB data?

Yes, of course, node-red-contrib-influxdb.
You will not be able to achieve anything like the functionality that grafana supplies though.

How would you download influxDB data? In Grafana I've poked around and found a download to CSV button.

Do you know how influxDB stores its data? Is it logging every point that comes in? What happens when I run out of room on the Pi?

It is a DB so the data is already on you PI, if you installed InfluxDB on your pi.

Why do you want to download it?

Download from where to where?
If you mean you want to get it into node-red then use node-red-contrib-influxdb as I said.

How can you be using Influxdb and not know the answer to those questions already? I think you need to do some serious reading up on influx, which is nothing to do with node-red of course.

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