Node Red integration with Skype

Hi Team,

We have a requirement to integrate Skype for Business with Node Red. Do we have any built API's for the same?

Kiran Kumar G

Integrate it in what way? To do what?

Have you searched on for anything relating to skype?

There are various ways to interact with SfB as it does voice/video as well as IM. So it would be helpful to have some more info.

In general, I think that you will need to create a Microsoft Bot using their framework and then interact with that from Node-RED which again, you can do in various ways.

Of course, SfB is rapidly being replaced with Microsoft Teams which has even more options for interaction and a different set of API's.

Thanks for inputs.
do we have any API to interact with SFB from Node Red? I mean after creating the Microsoft Bot.

There is the "viseo" set of nodes which are meant to make it possible to interact with Microsoft bots amongst others. I've never had any joy with them though.

However, the Microsoft Bot API is very comprehensive and can interact with many different API's so you will find something suitable.

i need to integrate Skype with Node Red.
any help pleas ?

Skype or Skype for Business?

Either way, it isn't simple. You will most likely need to use the Microsoft Bot API as mentioned. Please see the comments above.

I need a method or link for documentation or steps please

I think that this thread already tells you that people aren't doing this and so it is unlikely that anyone has the skills to give you more information. You will need to dig into it yourself. All I can do is give you a steer.

It's doable - but not simple using UCWA.

I've managed to build a basic IM & Presence bot using this method - not using Node-Red but using WSO2 Enterprise Integrator - but the principles are the same and it should be doable in node red too.

here's the starting point for getting into UCWA :

Note that initial authentication is a multi-stage process and you will need to maintain session information as well as conversation counters etc. The UCWA API always returns your 'next actions' as a set of formed API urls in any response so you have to then pick these up.

for a listener you will need to call a subflow which calls itself (can you do this in node red?)

good luck - and prepare to get neck-deep in JSON!