WhatsApp integration

Hi guys,
I'd like a suggestion to integrate node-red to whatsapp broker, any suggestions will be great. Here at Brazil whatsapp is the social media with more users. I've already tested node-red with telegram successfully, but for the production environment whatsapp was requested.

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The net is that there is no official way to do it so there is no easy way. There is a bodge workaround that uses a controlled browser instance but it is not exactly recommended.

WhatsApp is a pain to work with as is FaceBook itself. Most of us use Telegram because it is very easy to link to a bot. WhatsApp doesn't even have an actual client that you can use, it only has Mobile clients. The web version requires your phone to be active. It is tied to your phone only.

With Telegram, you have two ways to connect a bot.

The first and by far the easiest is to use the polling method. With this, the telegram client reaches out to the Telegram servers periodically. You need no firewall or networking changes and no callback URL.

The other method is more efficient as it doesn't need to do any polling. However, it is a lot harder to set up initially as you have to register an end-point and a callback URL and will need to allow access through your router, firewall and Node-RED server.

I've never had a need to do the 2nd method, the first is good enough for what I need. and I like that there is no inbound access required. At worst, with method 1, there can be a slight delay (no more than a second or two generally) for communications to happen.

Of course, none of that helps you get WhatsApp working. Personally, I've never had enough of an imperative to be bothered.

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