Whatsapp node in nodered

i'm trying to use whatsapp node but i don't know how it's working or how i can use it .. if there's simple demo or simple nodered flow can do that and when i install whatsapp node it keeps showing this error evenif when i remove the whatsapp node from the flow


thanks for advance

The WhatsApp node is a bit of a fudge I think. It tries to run a headless browser (Puppeteer) to run the WhatsApp web page. That page itself requires that you have a mobile phone version of WhatsApp running because the WhatsApp web version is not a full client.

Does the node require you to install Puppeteer separately? Otherwise, can you open WhatsApp web in your browser successfully?

i fix the error but now i don't know how to make it works ..i tried the flow in the node-red-contrib-whatsappbot but there's some libraries i can't find

them missing nodes are node-red-dashboard and node-red-contrib-ui-table (i think its called that)

is there more simple flow to show how to use whatsapp ..if you can show me

no idea. I dont use it because its a complete hack (because whatsapp they dont offer a free api)

I use telegram (as do many on the forum) - because it is far better.

is there any tutorial i can use ?

For node-red?
For Whataspp node?
For telegram node?

Please be more specific.

for whatsapp node

No idea. As I said...

Have you searched the forum? Internet? looked on the github repo for it? raised an issue on the github issues page for this node?

i started from here . i think there's someone used it before

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