Node-Red is freezing


Sometimes Node-Red is stucking, no special intervall.
Reading and writing via Modbus, MQTT or Beckhoff ADS works for several hours and then the values are not changing anymore. When I´m deploying, reading/writing continues.
In my opinion it happens since I'm using influxdb and Grafana.
I can see it on node-red (values) and grafana (diagrams) dashboard.
On the pictures you can see the jumps after deploying.
It´s a Raspberry Pi4 with 4GB and it´s a iobroker image.

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Add some debug nodes in appropriate places so that when it stops you can see what node is not doing what it should.
Also start node-red in a terminal and see if anything is noted in the terminal output when it stops (or any errors shown on startup).


I'm having values at the debug nodes.
Node-Red is not really stopping, because some flows are working.
Could it be the traffic to influxdb?
Because for current troubleshooting I need 4 variables via Modbus per second.

Add debug nodes to the section that is not working and find out which node is the first in the flow that is not sending anything.

No, influx will accept thousands of records a second.

We are talking about 3 different flows with over hundred nodes.
That's the reason why it seems to be a problem of Node-Red, not of some nodes.
Before I've installed influxdb and grafana the flows were working.

If some bits of the flow are still working then it is not a fundamental problem with node-red.

Concentrate initially on one of the sections that is not working. It does not matter how many nodes there are. Start at the beginning, presumably something is supposed to start it doing something regularly. Perhaps it is an Inject node or a scheduling node or an MQTT node. So start there. Add a debug node to the scheduler, or mqtt or whatever node it is and make sure that it keeps receiving messages. If it is not then work backwards to work out why. If that is ok then work forwards till you find the problem. Somewhere there must be a node that is not triggering when it should or is not receiving something when it should, or is not passing on a message when it should.

Also you have not responded to my previous advice to start node red in a terminal and see if there is anything in the output to indicate a problem.

I´ve found the fault.
One Modbus register was empty, don´t know why.
After deleting it, node-red was running.

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