Node-red is not letting me work with Simatic Manager online

While connected with Node-red on my PLC s7-300, I cannot connect with the simatic manager on this plc ( but I can connect to another plc ( on the same network and it is using the one flow different on the same server as node red Node-red. The network is very unstable and accessing the server via a client terminal is not always possible. Now if I stop the Node-red server everything works again.

The application is developed using the Node-red contrib s7 package I believe there is a problem in the code that may be causing it to not interrupt the connection after finishing the acquisition and when the function node receives a new payload it creates a new connection until that it is impossible for me to connect with the clp again

Are you making lots of flow changes & deploying?

Are you using Full Deploy mode?

I suspect this issue is related.

Until that is fixed, change your node-red deploy method to "modified nodes" - it may reduce the amount of additional connections.


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it interrupts or crashes. in fact, there are no alarms running on the prompt until it loses communication.
I noticed that this is only on one of the streams so I'm looking into code which may have some kind of inconsistency leading to this issue.