Node-red library update issue

ehostunreach on raspberry pi when I try to update node-red library
Command: npm install node-red-contrib-interval-length

Not a node-red issue, network issue.

Who is ?

I have resolved the network issue. But now it returns ENOENT error

You state:

I try to update

and you use
npm install node-red-contrib-interval-length

That is not updating, but installing.
Where are you installing this ? In which directory are you located ? You need to be in the .node-red directory.

Go to the node-red editor, right top:

hamburger menu -> manage palette.
Click install tab.
Search 'node-red-contrib-interval-length'

Thanks, it's resolved

The reason it did not work when you used the command line was because you had not changed to the .node-red directory first.

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