Node red link to Ecowitt api

I bought one Ecowitt WH51 Soil Moisture Sensor and the Gateway GW1000 Wi-Fi.
Now the problem is to have in node red the values values ​​detected by the Ecowitt api ..

Do you have any ideas?

You will need to find the api for the device and see how you can access it. What communication method it uses.

Try searching here

Ok, thank you .....

Hello @Giamma,

Coincidentally a question, regarding Ecowitt has been asked on the Domoticz forum this week.
See: Ecowitt: Temp + Humidity send to wrong sensor after initially being send to correct one - Domoticz

This learned me, that a small application exist that convert the Ecowitt signal to MQTT.
See: GitHub - bachya/ecowitt2mqtt: Send data from Fine Offset weather stations (Ecowitt, Ambient Weather, Froggit, etc.) to MQTT!

The developer says:

Recently, @jwoodard80 tipped me off to the Ecowitt GW1000 , a small device that can read RF signals from a variety of devices (such as Ambient Weather weather stations ). This creates a local API for devices that would otherwise strictly communicate via a cloud API.

So, I developed ecowitt2mqtt , a small web server that receives data from the GW1000 and sends it to an MQTT broker. In addition to its standard mode (where the entire data payload is sent to a single MQTT topic), it has a mode to accommodate HASS MQTT Discovery for easy creation of entities within HASS.

If you have the data available in MQTT, Node-RED is a small step.



Thank you, thank you very much!

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