Node-red.log in Temp Folder

That is a problem, but you also said:

A solution to that is to use flogger. You can then send the telemetry there, which is much better than relying on the node-red log which will be cluttered with lots of other irrelevant stuff.

Flogger may be handy but I am sending the telemetry over the internet via MQTT. I don't want to retain it on the PC.

When I mentioned telemetry I was confused over which thread I was posting in.

It is irrelevant to to issue of C:/temp/node-red.log.
I'd go back and delete it but that would make things worse.

Thanks for trying to interpret and advise :grinning:

In my defence - at the time I wrote that I hadn't been using windows for about 5 years so I just assumed nssm would do the right thing, and if not then windows machines always need massive disks anyway as the OS is so huge, and normally need a reboot on update Tuesday. :wink:

But yes I'm sure nssm has improved since then, as has windows, and other solutions, etc - so if anyone fancies updating the docs, please feel free to raise a PR.