Node-red missing types i2c?

I get the error (warning) when starting Node Red

The flows were stopped due to missing node types. -i2c out -i2c in -i2c scan
The node-red-contrib-i2c node is Installed but can not be removed or disabled. Also in the pallet settings is an exclamation point in the field of the i2c node.

How do I fix this?

Thanks, im from Germany (sry for my bad English)

Did you remove them from your flows first ?

yes, I do

Are there any errors in the Node-RED log when it starts?

There may be something stopping the i2c module from loading properly.

no, there aren't any errors
that bewildered me also

Perhaps node version is too old for this lib?

How about starting unsafe mode and searching your flow for them items (maybe some config nodes knocking about?) , Remove them then you should be able to uninstall the i2c node and reinstall. And when you do reinstall, watch the console for errors.