Node-red-node-email not sending email on double nat network

Which node are you reporting an issue on?


What are the steps to reproduce?

double nat your network
send an email using the node

What happens?

I get the following error:
Error: connect ENETUNREACH 2404:6800:4003:c11::6c:465 - Local (:::0)

What do you expect to happen?

I expect that the email will be sent to the addressee

It was working before I double nat'ed my network

Please tell us about your environment:

Node-RED version : 3.0.0
NodeJS version: 14.19.3
npm version: 6.14.17
node-red-node-email version 1.17.0
OS version: Raspbian 11 (bullseye)
Browser: Edge

Any help to understand the relation between the error and the network being double 'natted' will greatly help.


Double NAT should not prevent the sending of e-mail. Can you ping the email server from the machine running NodeRed?
The error code I think is related to DNS failure.

Many networks are now double NAT, mostly because IPv4's are running out so service providers are running CG-NAT. Make sure it's not a DNS issue locally on your network, point to point.

Thanks for your suggestions.

I was able to successfully ping the email server from the Rpi running NodeRed.

I was also able to ping the DNS server as well. So, this ruled out issues with DNS etc.

I was told that the problem might be related to my machine using IPv6 addresses instead of iPv4, so I have now disabled IPv6 from the Rpi by adding " ipv6.disable=1" to the file: /boot/cmdline.txt

After doing this, ifconfig stops showing the IPv6 address and the problem seems to have resolved itself for the moment.

I am not sure if this is the right thing to do?

I am very new to both the Rpi and Linux so any suggestions on a better way to address this issue would be very helpful.

Yes, it is. Even after all these years many things fail hard over IPv6.

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I am now getting a new error

Error: getaddrinfo EAI_AGAIN

This occurs after disabling IP6 as described in my earlier post.

So, it looks like I'm stuck.

If I enable IP6, I am unable to even get to the smtp server.

If I disable IP6, I am now running into the error shown above in this post.

Not sure how to proceed so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Can you still ping

No, I am unable to ping anything.

I get the following error:

ping: socket: Address family not supported by protocol

Does this work
ping -4
This problem is nothing to do with node-red of course.

ping -4 also doesn't work

I have now re-installed the OS and node-red and all seems to be in order.

Thanks for your help

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