Node-red-node-email hangs after/during netwerk hickup

Hello all

I found that this problem occurs when there was no network/internet connection for a certain amount of time.

I made a flow that notifies me after a network outage and i see problems with the node-red-node-email at the same time, not everytime. I think it occurs when the network outage disturbes the fetching of the emails, the node hangs in fetching until it is restarted.



Are you using both the "Email" (to send) & the "Email In" node (to retrieve emails)?

Are you saying the "Email" node fails to send when the "Email In" node is hung?

Would you be willing to test without "Email In" for a period of time (or it is integral to your system)


  • what versions of nodejs, node-red and node-red-node-email do you have?
  • are there any relevant entries in node-red debug or node-red console?
  • what protocol are you using - could you share (redacted) screenshots or sample flow?

I'm using both "email in" and "email" (out).
I've never experienced problems with "email" (out).

I noticed that "email in" hangs in state fetching (i don't have a print screen at the moment).
I have a simple flow that pings a host each second and i count the lost pings to calculate the time my network or internet was down. I send that calculated time in a message when connections are restored. That is when i started seeing that when "email in" hangs in the fetching state, my internet connection was (mostly short) down at the same moment.

I'm using node red in docker, version 2.1.6.
I see that i'm using node-red-node-email version 1.12.3, i updated to 1.14.0 just now.
At the moment of the problemens with "mail in", i don't see anything in the console.
I'm using the following settings:

ok great.

Can you keep an eye on that and feed back if it fixes the issue (or not)?

The issue is still there with a fully up-to-date node-red and mail node.
I'm not 100% sure a network hickup was the cause as i didn't receive a notification of that.
Maybe an undetected hickup in the internet path was the cause.

No debug messages, the node just hangs untill i restart/redeploy all nodes

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