Node-red-node-group - cannot remove

In manage palette I see

Trying to remove it fails, because it is in use. How do i get rid of it ?

You need to first delete it from your flows. If you do a search (normally ctrl-F) you can type in node-red-node-group and it will find where it is in your flows.

@michaelblight not quite. node-red-node-group was a placeholder module added so that node-red 1.0.x could import flows that include groups.

Once you've upgraded to 1.1.x the module is no longer needed as the group type is now part of the core.

@bakman2 to remove it you will have to do it via the command-line and restart Node-RED manually.

Thanks, for reference

cd ~/.node-red/node_modules
npm remove node-red-node-group

Every time i do something in node_modules, some nodes (ttn and openzwave-am) fail to load and i have to do a manual npm rebuild and npm install to make them work again, not sure what is going on there.

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