Node-red-node-openweathermap missing some values

The openweather node should add a couple items that seem to be missing.

dew_point: 33.76
uvi: 0

I am working to get access to Global Weather Alerts - OpenWeatherMap and consideration at going after that and the One Call API: weather data for any geographical coordinate - OpenWeatherMap

Here is the request for the one call

[{"id":"80f30ca5.3660e8","type":"http request","z":"6acc9db.7a04264","name":"Get OWM data","method":"GET","ret":"obj","paytoqs":true,"url":"","tls":"","persist":false,"proxy":"","authType":"","x":560,"y":1000,"wires":[["cea58bc8.5ed748","b490bf0c.922138","c1fd4e2d.c62fc8"]]}]

One last thing. We should look at Weather maps - OpenWeatherMap
Its cool what you can do with this.

Here is my current dashboard but I have to use the OneCall for the forcast, uv, and dewpoint.

The openweathermap node (node-red-node-openweathermap (node) - Node-RED) has those values. If you query for "combined current weather/forecast", you will get for example

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I am using "combined current weather/forecast" but there are some issues.

The dew point data is different that the One Call API and wrong in general.

Also we lose the max and min values. I will try to resolve this with Openweather since it seems they are miss stating the historic Min and Max somehow.

One call returns

The node returns

I can't include the call data for each, it exceeds the message limit.

3/28/2021 I fixed it, seems the value was right but in Celcius... Thats why I'm asking for the following below so we can set the UNITS parameter.

I am adding lone last thing. The node needs a little improvement to follow the API's

We need to add the following configuration parameters from the API


q required City name, state code and country code divided by comma, use ISO 3166 country codes.

You can specify the parameter not only in English. In this case, the API response should be returned in the same language as the language of requested location name if the location is in our predefined list of more than 200,000 locations.
appid required Your unique API key (you can always find it on your account page under the "API key" tab)
mode optional Response format. Possible values are xml and html . If you don't use the mode parameter format is JSON by default. Learn more
units optional Units of measurement. standard , metric and imperial units are available. If you do not use the units parameter, standard units will be applied by default. Learn more
lang optional You can use this parameter to get the output in your language. Learn more

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