Open-weather errors. What is happening?

I use open-weather a lot and just recently it is throwing weird errors at me.

As we are going into winter, (ok, Autumn) it is raining more and more.

For now I am doing a series of weather gets from midnight to mid day to see how much rain has fallen.
(Each hour, there about)

This shows the error (kind of) and the time. 02:00 and The API call returned invalid JSON

This is a list of attempts to see what is the problem:
Yeah, not perfect as the objects aren't expandable, but let's accept that and move on - for now.

You can see the replies (messages) at 00:00, 01:00, 03:00, 04:00, 05:00 and 06:00.
The big red arrow points to where the error causing 02:00 message should have been.

There isn't/wasn't a message sent.

Looking at the flow.
Yes, it is a bit full on.
Let's concentrate on the red area/s.

the open-weather node. The output goes to a link node. That then goes down and is logged.
A timestamp is created for WHEN it happened, a template node formats the message and a queue node queues them, and finally a debug shows them.

I need to do work on getting it to expand the objects, but I'm not sure that is the problem.

As you can see nothing was output at 02:00, so that has me confused to the invalid JSON message.
If anything was output, it would/should have been logged - yes?

This is happening with annoying regularity recently. But not always at 02:00 - or I am not 100% sure.
The last few times - where were the start of this trend - I didn't really check that.
I saw the error message and kind of grumbled.
But now it seems to have established itself as a daily thing.

Just to mention - though I don't think it is relevant: Sunday morning (today is Wednesday) we went from SUMMER TIME back to NORMAL TIME.
But as just said, that was now 5 days ago.
Which is why I didn't worry the first couple of times - stupidly.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

That's great news, thanks Andrew, it must mean that summer is now heading our way here in the UK :wink:

Is/Are there restrictions on what you can send into the node?

I have test buttons and I can press them until the cows come home and it works.
It fails daily between 00:00 and 12:00
Ok, that is a 6 hour gap in which I can look, but.... :wink:

I did notice that somehow the node wasn't getting a simple incoming message.
Say like go.
But more like: 02:00 2024-04-10 1 Alas I wiped the debug list/output.

I have (today) put in a change node just before the input to the node and made it a go message.
I'll see what happens tonight.

More information after more testing.

The code on the screen is called with the link call, link in and link out nodes.

I invoked the code from the higher level and noticed that I am getting this error.


The node is set to return to calling node.

So, is this part of the problem?

Somewhere down your flow (between the LINK-IN and the LINK-OUT return) a node is either discarding the important "return data" (i.e. data that tells the return node which LINK-CALL to send the msg back to) OR you have a naughty node that is generating NEW msgs (the effect is the same).

Add debug nodes along the flow (set to show FULL message) - you will see at the beginning of the flow there is some extra data that indicates which LINK-CALL to return to, then further along, it will be gone.

common causes are misbehaving nodes and functions that generate new messages (instead of returning the original msg)

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That's an interesting spin on things.

Yes, I'll put my hand up now and say that is very possible to have happened.

ITMT, I've put it back to simple link-in/out nodes. It isn't used by anyone else.
I used the call node only to get some understanding on it's workings.

Seems that you found something I didn't think of and I will say that is the problem.

The last pictures shows the COMPLETE RETURN MESSAGE and that will probably have wrong information compared to the inbound message.



In the first few pictures, you see most of the messages seem to be getting through and working.

Just now and then one doesn't.

If it was that my code was corrupting the message:
Why only certain ones?

Maybe if there was/wasn't rain something happened.

But for the sake of all: I will accept your reply.
This was just an after thought I saw after marking that as the solution.

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