node-red v1.0.0-beta3

Just installed Weather-Underground node. I got an API key.

for melbourne, australia I get:"Can't find city: melbourne, australia.".
I also tried several other city, country combinations to the same effect.

such a simple interface, i feel a bit of a twit.

kind reagrds daniel

The free Weather Underground API is not available any more.

@ghayne I have a weather station and got the api through my underground login


OK, can you post your flow? (DON'T publish your API key).

When did you get your API key? I think you will find that there is no free access at all since the end of 2018.

One of the reasons people were so bugged out by this because they dropped free access to weather station authors too

Hi @ghayne, I do pay to get rid of the ads'. The API key is new yesterday.


thanks for taking interest daniel

PS. i agree @afelix you would think IBM could cover the cost. They get all that data from well intended people for nothing.