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Hi Guys, using node-red with Nora, what works awesome with google.
Only what i dont get working, i want that google also see that i manual switch the lamp by mqtt

So when i place a mqtt before nora node, my lamp goes crazy in a random on and off, what shoyld i place there?

(Note: I don't use Nora but have run into mqtt loops)

Are you using the same topic in both the mqtt-in and mqtt-out?
What do you mean when you say you 'manual switch the lamp by mqtt'?
if google returns a status, after the mqtt-in move the action (on/off) to another msg property (msg.current_action) then after the Ledstrip node, check the google status with msg.current_action and it they are the same don't send the msg on (switch node)

First: The red triangle :small_red_triangle: indicates that a node is not configured correctly or has errors. In your case I would bet that the broker config is missing or not correct. Or your subscription is not correct formated.
Then place a debug node (best configured to emit “hole msg object” on the mqtt output and see what you receive via mqtt.
Perhaps you have to reformat or filter the messages to work with the following nodes.

Yeah i know the mqtt inis not configured, i have done that and then all goes wrong.
I have here in house also Fysical switches, so when i press that one, and open the google assistant app, the on and off are not moving.

So when i place in the mqtt in switch_1/cmnd/POWER
Then my lamp is going on and off all the time, i just want to send google a message the lamp is already on or ff
node 3

I’m not using google assistant but it sounds like something in your messages is not formatted correctly and cause a short (loop) in your flow via mqtt. So I still would look at the mqtt output and see if something sends alternating messages all the time.
Debugging is an iterative process. Inspect what is happening using debug nodes, try to eliminate as many elements until it works to see that the last element might cause the problem or is one part of a complex problem.
You send out mqtt messages ... so Perhaps come back in your mqtt node.

So when you send the mqtt with the topic switch_1/cmnd/POWER are you also sending a payload of something like on or off? or does it switch based on the topic?

and again, does google return the status of the lamp?

Sorry i am so new in node red that everything what i do is checking what it all means, i made a short video showing what i want with the settings

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