Node red not starting due to Uncaught Exception

I was exploring the sqlite node that I installed. I did not do much with it except to create a test database. after sometime i wasn't able to connect to my node-red server. See attached:

So this can happen when a contrib node doesn't handle errors correctly.

You can start node-red in safe mode by entering node-red --safe

This will allow it to start-up (but not running) and permit you to fixup or remove the node causing the error. Your flows will run once you deploy changes.

It would be in the interest of everyone if you report this error on the GitHub repositorys' issues page - will you do that?

There should be more than that in the log. I don't think it is the sqlite node crashing, it is whatever is trying to use port 8080.

I went on the fact there was an uncaught exception immediately after opening sqlite. It'd be the first place I'd look.

That would not be using that port would it? Sqlite is direct file access I think.
Normally there is a full stack trace from node-red which often shows the node, though I don't use Windows so don't know if that is the case in Windows.

Thank you for the quick response. I have tried running node-red --safe and was able to login to my node-red program.
However, after removing the sqlite node I am still unable to run node-red.

What are you using that tries to connect to port 8080 of something?
Is there really nothing after the connect error message and the first line of the trace?

Edit - If you don't know, you could try using Search in node-red to search for 8080 and see if it finds anything.

I have checked via TCPView if anything is trying to connect to port 8080 but there is nothing.

There is nothing after the connect error message.

Yes there is, something in your flow is trying to connect to 8080 on the local machine and is failing.

Did you try the Search?

May I know how i can use this search?

Ctrl+F or Hamburger menu > Search Flows

You got it right on the dot. Thanks Colin.

I tried to use a motion node and i did not realise that it was trying to connect to port 8080. As requested, i searched for 8080 in Ctrl+F or Hamburger menu > Search Flows, and realised that the motion node was trying to connect to port 8080. I have removed the node. But i am still receiving the error message as shown in the screenschot.

go to the (hamburger) menu - Configuration Nodes - then find the unused motion node one - and delete that as well - and re-deploy, then it should be ok.

Perfect. Thank you so much everyone. As requested, I shall post this on Github too.

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