Node-RED on Openmediavault

I started with Node-RED 1.0.6 on a Raspi 3, but decided to try out other systems, too, and have managed to install it on a Openmediavault (OMV) NAS version 4.1.35-1 and also the new 5.5.4.

Since OMV is Debian based, it's rather simple:

First you have to activate user home directories in OMV in the settings tab of the user menu:

Just select a defined shared folder.
(At least I had this already activated and the home directory of new user points to this shared folder.)

Then create a user (for example red) in the OMV webinterface, give it access to the groups sudo and ssh and change the shell to /bin/bash.

Then login via ssh or the console as this new user and install curl and maybe git for nodes not already available via npm.

sudo apt-get install curl git

Then install Node-RED with the standard script

bash <(curl -sL

and after manually starting node-red-start there you are: http://nas:1880

Install additional nodes like dashboard via "manage palette" or cd ~/.node-red; npm install whatever as the user you have created for Node-RED.

Dont't forget to enable auto start after reboots via sudo systemctl enable nodered.service.


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