Node-RED projects + uibuilder: How to include installation of vue, bootstrap, bootstrap-vue?


I've build a very simply CI/CD pipeline (Jira, Gitlab, Node-RED) for developing my flows and dashboards.
In my dev stage (local docker container) I'm using Node-RED projects to keep everything under version control. Everything is working fine so far: all files incl. uibuilder files/folders are under git control.

But with every deployment to my test stage (at the moment docker swarm raspberry cluster) from gitlab I have always to reinstall the uibuilder frontend libraries (in my case vue, bootstrap-vue, bootstrap) manually.

Is there a way to also put them under version control, so that they are automatically deployed/installed?
Node-RED projects has the ability to keep track of the package dependencies, but the frontend libraries are not part of this :frowning:

Thanks in advance,

Hi Michael, there are two places where you need the list of installed libraries.

  1. ~/.node-red/package.json - required for the npm package installation
  2. ~/.node-red/uibuilder/.config/packageList.json - required so that uibuilder knows which installed packages to serve up using its web server.

I think (though I don't use projects so I'm a little vague on memory sorry) that the uibuilder folder is under the project folder. ~/.node-red/projects/<projectName>/uibuilder/.config/packageList.json. However, the package.json remains in the same place when using projects as all npm installs are shared I think.

So as long as the npm package is still installed, you just need to make sure that the uibuilder .config folder is also under version control.

Hi Julian,

thx for these information. The part ~/.node-red/package.json I have already included in my docker startup script (automatic installation of packages).

Next step now will be to include ~/.node-red/projects/<projectName>/uibuilder/.config/packageList.json also.

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