Node-RED projects + uibuilder: How to include installation of vue, bootstrap, bootstrap-vue?


I've build a very simply CI/CD pipeline (Jira, Gitlab, Node-RED) for developing my flows and dashboards.
In my dev stage (local docker container) I'm using Node-RED projects to keep everything under version control. Everything is working fine so far: all files incl. uibuilder files/folders are under git control.

But with every deployment to my test stage (at the moment docker swarm raspberry cluster) from gitlab I have always to reinstall the uibuilder frontend libraries (in my case vue, bootstrap-vue, bootstrap) manually.

Is there a way to also put them under version control, so that they are automatically deployed/installed?
Node-RED projects has the ability to keep track of the package dependencies, but the frontend libraries are not part of this :frowning:

Thanks in advance,

Hi Michael, there are two places where you need the list of installed libraries.

  1. ~/.node-red/package.json - required for the npm package installation
  2. ~/.node-red/uibuilder/.config/packageList.json - required so that uibuilder knows which installed packages to serve up using its web server.

I think (though I don't use projects so I'm a little vague on memory sorry) that the uibuilder folder is under the project folder. ~/.node-red/projects/<projectName>/uibuilder/.config/packageList.json. However, the package.json remains in the same place when using projects as all npm installs are shared I think.

So as long as the npm package is still installed, you just need to make sure that the uibuilder .config folder is also under version control.