Unable to open Uibuilder on Rasberry pi

I have installed Node-RED in Rasberry pi and i'm able to run my flows, but i am unable to open up uibuilder since it's showing me to install Vue and Bootstrap-vue files which i cannot install from library since the uibuilder library is not opening. So, i copied those files from my other processor into the node_modules folder of Rasberry pi, but still the uibuilder isn't opening and showing the same message(PFA image).
Node-RED version v2.2.2
Node.js version 14.19.1

Did you read the warning message in the uibuilder Config panel?

When you add a new uibuilder node to your flows, the first thing you have to do is give it a URL name and then click Done and then Deploy. It is this that triggers the node to create all of the folders and files for you.

Only once you have done that can you do anything else.

The two warnings you are seeing are because you've tried to use one of the Vue templates but you haven't used uibuilder's "Libraries" tab to install the dependencies. Please note that when you do use it, please make sure that you install Vue v2 and not the new default of Vue v3 - to do that, when you click add to add a new library, give a name of vue@2 (or a name of vue and a tag of @2`, either way works).

Thank you @TotallyInformation , i later on saw the error message where i was unable to deploy the flow since i had some MSSQL and postgresql nodes which we not configured and were not in use as well. I deleted them and later on deployed the flow, then the URL folder was created and uibuilder was working well.

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