Node-Red Raspberry seems to reboot / restart without trigger?


I just recognized that my Node-Red Raspberry 3 seems to restart / reboot every few minutes without trigger.
It disconnects the HTTP-Browserwindows and deletes all global variables - but is available 1 sec later.
I can not see any disconnect using PING and it did not help to use a 2.1A power supply

Any idea how this can occure ? or how I can find the reason for it ?


Hi and welcome to the wonderful world of computers. :wink: (sarcasm in there too)

1 - Connect a monitor and watch it.
If it is happening that often it is best to be 100% sure what is happening.

2 - What is NR doing? (What flows do you have running, etc)

Report back with findings. It sounds like more is happening that you know.

Assuming you used the install script from our docs, then you should have the command node-red-logs. Run that to see the recent log entries which should give some indication as to why NR is restarting.

Isn't that node-red-log?

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