Having to reboot RPi after node update

When I update any of my installed nodes, I get the message I must restart Node-Red in order for the update to take effort. Ok, no problem so I got and issue "node-red restart" (or do stop then start) but it does not matter because the node-red console still displays the message I need to restart NR. The only way I've been able to clear this message is to reboot the RPi. Do I need to do something different or is message incorrect and I must do a reboot?

I always use sudo systemctl restart nodered, which I guess is the same.
The warning goes away when I refresh the browser page.

... will start node-red with a flow called restart which is not what you want... try node-red-reload (or node-red-stop && node-red-start )

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@dceejay ... I did try node-red-stop && node-red-start but that did not result in the message going away.

BUT, when I issued the node-red-restart command, that did the trick! Much thanks.

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