Node Red Receive UDP messages


I am new to using node red and have it setup with a 3rd party controller which sends UDP commands to node red, this part is working. I have used a "UDP" node, and there is connectivity (so when i send data from the 3rd party controller, the connection is visible in node red).

What i am struggling to do is extract the UDP message data to then trigger different functions. What i am doing is sending Base64 (ASCII) strings from the 3rd party controller, around 100 different messages, and i need to trigger a different function/output for each UDP message that is received.

Could anyone lend a hand? I have got this far!


Well the node-red-node-base64 node would be a good start...
after that add a debug node and paste the result here - or examples of the sort of messages you are getting - and what they need to be turned into...
Are they parseable into chunk that can then be used to affect the controls ? or just 64 different messages ? (A very large Switch node....)

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