Problem after restarting Node Red with UDP receiving

Guys, I have the following issue.
I have setup a udp in node red receiving some udp packets from an external source.
This works just fine until I restart node red server or service. Then, the receiving stops until I restart the sender.

Then it resumes again.
Any thoughts on this ?

[ { "id": "2f5c71d4.6d97fe", "type": "udp in", "z": "ebf0c16.a3b5d4", "name": "Data Push from Owl", "iface": "", "port": "4321", "ipv": "udp4", "multicast": "false", "group": "", "datatype": "utf8", "x": 90, "y": 600, "wires": [ [ "258c4c83.ef55a4" ] ] }, { "id": "258c4c83.ef55a4", "type": "switch", "z": "ebf0c16.a3b5d4", "name": "Message Switch", "property": "payload", "propertyType": "msg", "rules": [ { "t": "cont", "v": "electricity", "vt": "str" }, { "t": "cont", "v": "hot_water", "vt": "str" }, { "t": "cont", "v": "heating", "vt": "str" } ], "checkall": "false", "repair": false, "outputs": 3, "x": 120, "y": 380, "wires": [ [ "b5564a54.2aac38" ], [ "d3ad468a.21b688" ], [ "e6384005.aa436" ] ], "inputLabels": [ "Raw UDP Message" ] }, { "id": "b5564a54.2aac38", "type": "xml", "z": "ebf0c16.a3b5d4", "name": "Electricity", "property": "payload", "attr": "", "chr": "", "x": 340, "y": 280, "wires": [ [ "ed6fe25c.954bf" ] ] }, { "id": "d3ad468a.21b688", "type": "xml", "z": "ebf0c16.a3b5d4", "name": "Hot Water", "property": "payload", "attr": "", "chr": "", "x": 360, "y": 400, "wires": [ [ "17e9ebb7.5d3f24" ] ] }, { "id": "e6384005.aa436", "type": "xml", "z": "ebf0c16.a3b5d4", "name": "Heating", "property": "payload", "attr": "", "chr": "", "x": 360, "y": 460, "wires": [ [ "f70ee793.79e478", "5aba11524e30b88b" ] ] } ]

Unless the device has some kind of "retry" settings or some kind of "re-initiation" logic you can call, it is unlikely you can manage it from the Node-RED side.

Does this device have any other type of communication options?

The service just sends udp traffic in every 30 seconds - 60 seconds.
The problem is that It does not make any sense that I need to restart it since it keeps sending data all the time.

It is node red that "refuses" to accept it after the restart. Unfortunately, it does not have any other logic and I do not want to manage it from Node red. I was having the exact same logic on a php udp listener with then same setup and and when the listener was restated I did not have any problem with that.

Might be helpful to run wireshark or tcp dump to figure out what is happening.

I have tested this on my local computer and I do not see your issue.

What version of node and node-red are you using?

What OS is it running on?

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My node red runs under a docker container.

23 Mar 21:43:20 - [info] Node-RED version: v3.0.2
23 Mar 21:43:20 - [info] Node.js version: v16.16.0
23 Mar 21:43:20 - [info] Linux 5.10.60-qnap x64 LE
23 Mar 21:43:21 - [info] Loading palette nodes
23 Mar 21:43:22 - [info] Dashboard version 3.4.0 started at /ui

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