UDP input two times

from my player i get an udp message. when i grap the massage with an udp receiver from pc it works. the string comes once in, but when i do the same with node red on raspberry, the string comes in two times. so is this a problem of node red? if so, how can i make it that it only gets in once

Let's look at it a different way.

You have node-red running (machine unknown).

You send a udp message from your player (type unknown) and things are fine.

But if you send a message (the same type I guess) from your RasPi, you get two message received.

What happens if the player is not connected to the network? (Short of turning it off)

What is this udp message? (I don't know)

You may need to share more information.

node red runs on raspberry 4
the player is an brightsign xd1034 and things are fine
when the player is disconnected, nothing happens
the udp message is "on"

But what happens if you send the message from .... where ever and the player is not connected?

Do you still get two messages?

no from hercules tool i get only one message in node red
if i send message from brightsign player to herculess i get only one message
if i send from brightsign to node red i get two messages

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