Node Red running on AWS, no web socket connections

I've managed to get a basic Node Red service (v2.2) running on an AWS EC2. It works -- as in I can create, deploy and use flows. However, there's a constant warning at the top: "Lost connection to the server. reconnecting in..." and the console shows that the connection to wss://.../comms failed.

I know I'm missing something basic here -- I'm using an express server, basically following the directions in Running on Amazon Web Services : Node-RED, with updated versions. Do I need to do something in the app.use() or something to open the websocket channel?

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I figured it out. Sorry for the bother. I needed to set up a proxypass:

+    ProxyPass /comms ws://localhost:${CLOUD_HTTPS_APP_PORT}/comms
+    ProxyPassReverse /comms ws://localhost:${CLOUD_HTTPS_APP_PORT}/comms

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