AWS beanstalk - Lost connection to server


Hi I have deployed node-red on amazon Elastic Beanstalk using the tutorialand it works like a charm.

However I have one issue in the admin that keeps showing "Lost connection to server..." and keeps on trying to reconnect every minute. I don't mind so much but that for example it prevents me from seeing the debug output of a debug node, and this is starting to get difficult.

I have cleaned the cache to no avail. Stackoverflow questions with a similar issue have pointed to the fact that the admin server does cannot handle a websocket connection over https to the node-red backend [I suppose]. But I do not know how to change either my application's settings.js nor elastic beanstalk configuration to test any of this.

I am quite new to the whole AWS paradigms as well as node-red but not new to programming. Can somebody give me pointers to where I can go to gather the actual data that will help me debug the issue?

Many thanks,