AWS beanstalk - Lost connection to server

Hi I have deployed node-red on amazon Elastic Beanstalk using the tutorialand it works like a charm.

However I have one issue in the admin that keeps showing "Lost connection to server..." and keeps on trying to reconnect every minute. I don't mind so much but that for example it prevents me from seeing the debug output of a debug node, and this is starting to get difficult.

I have cleaned the cache to no avail. Stackoverflow questions with a similar issue have pointed to the fact that the admin server does cannot handle a websocket connection over https to the node-red backend [I suppose]. But I do not know how to change either my application's settings.js nor elastic beanstalk configuration to test any of this.

I am quite new to the whole AWS paradigms as well as node-red but not new to programming. Can somebody give me pointers to where I can go to gather the actual data that will help me debug the issue?

Many thanks,


did you figure this out? I am having the same issue


I think there are 3 options to solve this issue:

  1. Difficult but cool: Stay with amazon and go look for some example settings files on how to allow not only TCP on port 80 but also redirecting other packets (I forgot their type) on another port (6000 or something) that manages the interface refresh. You will have to find the doc and test it on your own as I did not have time to do it myself.

  2. Easier on IBM Cloud: 1 click deploy on IBM cloud service. Node-Red is “natively” supported by IBM cloud server.

  3. Even easier SaaS: subscribe to

Good luck!

Are you running more than one instance in EB? How are you logging into the admin UI? I suspect what is happening is that you have two instances and you keep switching between them, but you are only logged into one of them.

This gets around these issues by sharing the filesystem between instances using EFS, and using Auth0 for login. It's easy to set up. Try it and see how you go.