Node-red running on Windows accessing File on NAS

I am saving chart data at midnight from a Raspi to my NAS (FRITZ-NAS) using samba client. Works perfectly.
Now I want to load this chart data into my PC, also running node-red. My NAS has drive letter Y. Node-red throws an error saying it cannot find the drive.
If I copy my data file to drive C on my PC I can read the file without a problem.
How can I access this network attached file in node-red?

Are you using back slashes or forward slashes in Node-RED on Windows to describe the file path? If using back slashes, you need to double them up (\\) since a back slash is taken as an escape character.

Otherwise, if you use Windows Explorer, can you see the files? Will Node-RED see the file after you've accessed it in Windows Explorer? You could also try using the \\ipaddress\path\to\file.xx format instead of relying on a drive letter.

this path did it:
now I can reload the data of a saved chart.

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